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COL Worship Conference 2021 - “Every Voice”


Come join us June 10-12th for “EVERY VOICE 2021” @colbaytowntx’s worship and creative arts conference. It is going to be an amazing time in God’s presence as we are empowered to step into our unique callings as worshipers, artists, and church leaders.

  • ANDRE' BRONKHORST (South Africa) will be with us teaching about learning to hear God’s voice.
  • LEELAND MOORING will be speaking on the intersection of worship and art, and what this means for the future of the Church.
  • BRANDON LAKE, RICK PINO, and others will be joining us for live video interviews and attendees will get to join in Q&A sessions with them.
  • JACK MOORING will be speaking on “WHY WE WORSHIP - A Return to Gospel Shaped Adoration”
  • OUR CATHEDRA will create a special experience for those who make art in mainstream culture.
  • Songwriting breakout sessions.
  • All this and other surprise special guests!
  • Most importantly we will have a life altering encounter with Jesus as He sends us into the world as worshippers who change the world for His glory!