Small Groups

We weren’t designed to live the Christian life alone.


A C Group is a way for people to connect not only on a spiritual level, but on a personal level. We weren’t designed to live the Christian life alone. Get involved in a C Group and meet some people who can change the world with you.

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Jim Gideon

A 6 week group that welcomes the new members to Celebration of Life Church. This group is a starting point for new members to get involved in the church and helps find where they fit best!

Frequency: Weekly (Wednesday 7pm @ Church)


Ismael Sandoval

“So if the Son sets you free, you are free indeed!” —John 8:36

Join us every Monday at 7pm for our Celebrate Recovery class. This group helps us walk through freedom in all areas and creates a supportive group to lean on. 

Frequency: Weekly (Monday 7pm @ Church)


Pam Pope

This group is for those who want to explore the gifts of the Spirit and how they can be used and applied to bring life to people everyday, everywhere.

Frequency: Weekly (Wednesday 7pm @ Church)



Pastor Jack, Pastor Todd, Pastor David

Come join our us as we seek to grow in Christ and become the men God designed us to be! This semester we are going through the "CONQUER SERIES". It is a life changing teaching and training on how to walk in freedom from sexual addiction.

Frequency: Weekly (Wednesday 7pm @ Church)


Juan & Yessica Berrios

¡Bienvenido! Eres importante

Join our Spanish speaking group Fridays at 7:30. We focus on building the foundation for homes and families while spreading the gospel in our communities.

Únase a nuestro grupo de habla hispana los viernes a las 7:30. Nos enfocamos en construir las bases para los hogares y las familias mientras difundimos el evangelio en nuestras comunidades.

Frequency: Weekly (Friday 7:30PM @ Church)



Dorteo & Lauren Luna

' And the two will become one flesh.’So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” —Mark 10:8-9

God has called us to have STRONG marriages that reflect His love and his promises. Join Lauren and Luna as they teach on how to have successful growth as couples and growth as parents setting example for kids. We meet weekly. 

Frequency: (Contact leaders for meeting time and location.)

Contact: Doroteo Luna - 281-635-0668 Lauren Luna - 281-687-1494


Nikki Edwards & Wes Rushing

Kingdom Cultures mission is to encourage exploration into our Father’s Kingdom Realm. We will go deep into God’s word to learn how Jesus lead his life to teach us things for our spiritual victory and submersion in Christ. 

Frequency: Weekly (Contact leaders for meeting time and location.)



Martin & Carol Smith

Adults age 50+ that meet monthly over dinner to fellowship, pray and enjoy each others company!

Frequency: Monthly (Contact leader for meeting time and location.)

Contact: 832-771-6555 (Carol & Marvin Smith)


Mark Svoboda & James McFarland

Join us the 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month as we cover Mark Biltz’s Feasts of the Lord. We will study why the Biblical feasts are important and what the mean for us today!

Frequency: Bi-Weekly (Contact leaders for meeting time & location.)

Contact: 832-922-2587 (Mark Svoboda) 713-202-4469 (James McFarland)


Danielle Trevino & Whitney Mooring

Based out of Psalms 127:4, we are raising children that will fly farther then we ever have! Our goal as parents is to raise Godly children and have fun while doing it. Join us every other week as we fellowship and let the kids play as we grow as mothers and work through our “Hope for the Weary Mom” devotional. 

Frequency: Bi-Weekly (Contact leaders for meeting time and location.)

Contact: &


Angie Treadway

Let’s have some fun! Come check out our singles group and join us as we read through “The Super Natural Ways of Royality.” Join us for fellowship, food and fun times!

Frequency: Monthly (Lunch after church service 1st Sunday of every month.)



16058 Sea Palms Dr

Crosby Tx 77532


Anita Childress & Tammy Talant

We have your backs! We welcome strong women of faith that want to pray and encourage our sisters in faith! We meetly weekly for lunch, fellowship and prayer.

Frequency: Weekly (Thursda 1pm - Contact leaders for location.)


Let's get some info so we can connect you with a C Group Leader.

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